Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mog? Douse?

This is a toy that children adore, and its not stupid at all.  We got it as a gift, but it is from Fisher Price, and I recommend it!

These three blocks are full of fun gadgets and each feature a wheel which can be spun with the button on top, or stacked and spun all at once.  I have never had a kid over who was not completely entertained for a decent time by this toy.

But sometimes, even a good toy can have a strange feature.  Exactly which animal is that blue blob meant to depict?  The animal on the bottom is a cat for sure, so I'm guessing its either a step above or below a cat in the story time food chain.  But why not both?  Mog?  Douse?  

It is not a cow...

This adorable rattle was a gift from a dear friend.  As you can see, it is well loved.  It is brightly colored and pleasantly noisy.  One could almost say it is charming, but its hard to tell without knowing what it is...

Seriously, what is it?  The shape of a bear, the ears of a cat, the mouth of a dog and the color of a hunter, yet half of the viewers guessed "fox".  I agree because, as you canNOT see from the picture, the back of this toy is identical to the front, so it is two-faced by nature!


Hello and welcome to my blog!

I was never a particularly strong minded feminist until I was pregnant with my baby daughter.  All of a sudden, the toy aisle, with its rows gender segregated and color coded set of my warning bells.

You see, I was a sheltered child, and I was raised with boxes and crates full of blocks, Lincoln logs, Lego's, trains and matchbox cars, as well as various random gifts from my generous aunts and uncles.  I had brothers, and while we were growing up we were supposed to share everything, from toys to pajamas to chores.

I  had no concept of a boy toy and a girl toy until one moment, standing in a tunnel of cheap plastic, irrevocably confronted by an inappropriately happy child model wielding a toy broom in glitter pink.  So my baby girl would have to play cook and play sweep and play iron while the neighborhood boys would be out play driving and play hunting dinosaurs?  That's when I decided to start a blog of hilariously awful toys.

Of course, motherhood and a whole host of other projects got in the way.  Now my daughter Cornelia has her own collection of toys, and I've realized that while some toys are hilariously offensive, almost all toys are hilarious. This blog exists to support that notion.